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Veterans Radio Network hosts the Sunday radio show, “Vet Time in America”

We are here to help veterans access and enjoy more of the benefits they’ve earned.

To accomplish this, we work closely with the VA to provide helpful information, tips, and suggestions to improve access to benefits and programs offered to our military members and their families. Our show covers healthcare, housing, career, family support, mental health services, and more. We feature weekly guests from the VA St Louis, including doctors, nurses, volunteers, and administrators. We talk to professionals to help you get a better understanding of programs that are offered to support you in your needs.

Our program is so unique that, never in the long history of the VA, has any medical system had frontline employees be given the opportunity to share what they do, why they do it, and their feelings about the veterans they treat. It is live radio, the best kind.

We actually go inside the VA for our interviews, which allows our veterans and their caregivers to better learn how to use the system. This impacts America’s 20 million Veterans and the other 100 million people that touch their lives. It has a special focus on paralyzed veterans, veterans suffering from PTSD, suicide prevention, and other groups of marginalized veterans such as the homeless. The topics are endless and continually updated.

Our host, Terry Hall, is a Vietnam-era vet, one of the last 10,000 draftees in America. He has been the recipient of over 13 major surgeries all performed by the VA. They have healed 3 unique forms of cancer while returning the complete use of his right arm. Terry has had 4 spinal surgeries, neck, knees, shoulders, lung, stomach, and ear…you get the drift.

“My nickname is the “Bionic Vet” and if you were to meet me you would never know I’ve ever had even one operation.” – Terry Hall

With the help of world-class health treatment from the VA, he is presently in remission of three different kinds of cancer. From this experience, Terry developed and originated The Veterans Radio Network radio show the “Vet Time in America” to allow the Veterans Administration a platform to educate and help veterans take advantage of the benefits they have earned.

If you ever have questions on a program or benefit offered through the VA, or just have a question on our radio show episodes, please contact Veterans Radio Network directly. Our team is standing by to offer support.

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