Coronavirus | Getting Access to Your Veterans Benefits During a Pandemic

COVID 19 Veteran Benefits

The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs is asking that you

“call your VA medical center before going to a clinic, urgent care, or emergency room, especially if you have symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath. Calling first helps us protect you, medical staff, and other patients. Ask your VA health care team about the option of care by phone or video instead of an in-person visit. We also ask that visitors who feel unwell postpone their visits to VA facilities.”


The VA has enacted an aggressive public health response to protect and care for Veterans in the face of this emerging pandemic. They are working directly with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other federal partners to monitor the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

The VA has administered over 100 COVID-19 tests nationwide. Contact your local office to get tested at:

We at VRN NOW will be here to help keep you informed of updates to the VA benefit network as this outbreak continues. Stay safe friends.

Who is Terry Hall?

Business Owner, Veteran, Radio Host

Terry Hall graduated from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a Bachelor of Science degree. Relocating to St. Louis and experiencing a very unprofessional experience in purchasing a home, he changed careers and opened his own real estate business, The Hall Realty Group.

In late 2015, Terry was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and subsequently underwent more than ten surgeries in a 48-month period in the St. Louis VA Health facilities. With the help of world-class health treatment from the VA, he is presently in remission of three different kinds of cancer and is presently being treated for metastatic prostate cancer.

From this experience, Terry developed and originated The Veterans Radio Network radio show “VRN NOW” to allow the Veterans Administration a platform to educate and help veterans take advantage of the benefits they have earned. A first of its kind program where the VA provides the content and Terry hosts the program, he expects it to be nationwide within the next few years. If his track record is to be the barometer for its success, people all over America can soon look forward to hearing it on Sunday afternoons.

You can contact Terry at: