Why the VA?

Why the VA?

Veterans and Family Members – Listen Up, This is Important! 

This is Dr. Molly and I just wanted to remind you that health care professionals at the VA love taking care of veterans. That’s why we do it. Many VA hospitals are affiliated with the nation’s best teaching hospitals and the same doctors who write the books on doctoring, doctor our veterans. That’s right.

The health care received at the VA is truly world-class!!  

This issue has actually been studied by Dr. Harlan Krumholz, one of the nation’s leading health care researchers. He looked at VA hospitals and compared them to private hospitals and found that when treating older men with heart disease, that patients treated at the VA were less likely to die within the next month.  Which is incredible!

You heard me correctly, Veterans are less likely to die if they go to the VA for healthcare.  

Why you might ask?

The VA Provides World-Class Healthcare 

We’re here to help you live better and live longer! Sign up for your VA medical benefits by calling #314-652-4100 and tell the operator you want to start or restart your medical benefits.  You can also call us at the show directly at #314-969-5877. We would love to take care of you.

Think about this – In terms of wait times, you’re not going to wait to be seen. We are on time almost all the time. Most of our wait times are better than the private health sector. Sign up for your benefits and see what our world-class healthcare can do for you.

Choose VA healthcare and live better and live longer!


This is Dr. Molly from Molly’s Minute

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