Testimonial from Dr. Gary Miller

Testimonial from Dr. Gary Miller

Kudos to the KTRS Board for supporting the Veterans Radio Network on Sunday afternoons!

As a frequent listener and rare guest, I applaud your efforts to extend this outreach to a large, and largely ignored, demographic in our society.  Having dedicated my career to Veteran care at the St. Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center for the past quarter-century, I am extremely grateful to you for making a commitment to our nation’s often overlooked heroes.

The challenges faced by Veterans returning to civilian life are many. When these men and women left home to protect this nation, our country made a promise to take care of them and their families. Congratulations to KTRS for helping to keep that promise.

Veterans have paid a debt to our society almost impossible to repay. I am not myself a member of the Greatest Generation, but I have a healthy respect for its members and the other generations of Veterans who answered the call. The Veterans Radio Network not only deals with medical concerns, but it also addresses Veteran employment, housing, and legal needs. Guests from numerous Veterans agencies help Veterans navigate the process of applying for and receiving benefits, of which many Veterans are unaware. Veterans have earned these benefits.

Not enough can be said for the architect of this project, Mr. Terry Hall.  While a successful Realtor, radio personality, and local celebrity, Mr. Hall is also a Veteran. He deserves enormous credit for single-handedly creating, and in large measure, sponsoring this show.

The production practices of radio stations are understandably largely mandated by advertising. By sponsoring the Veterans Radio Network, you can serve the needs of heroes under-represented by state and commercial media institutions.  The Veterans Radio Network is exemplary community radio.

Cordially yours,

Gary Miller MD